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At the end of 2015 more than 200 GWp nominal power will be installed worldwide, which could cover around 250 TWh of annual production which is more than 1% of global electricity demand. Photovoltaics is still a worthwhile investment, with the right partner.


At the end of 2015 wind turbines will be installed with a total capacity of over 380 GW worldwide, of which 150 GW in Asia, 140 GW in Europe and 90 GW in America. The Turkish wind energy market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.


Hydropower is currently the most important renewable energy source, which contributes to the power supply of the world’s population. There is strong growth potential of hydropower in the developing world.


With some delay, geothermal, biomass and pellet power plants will catch up in their technological advance with the “big renewable energies” wind and sun. Projects are interesting, both here in Europe and in Third World countries.

About us

Since 2000 in renewable energy business
Implementation of international
energy Projects
with an output of over 2.5 GW

From site selection, planning and project planning to turnkey delivery to the investor. We can realize energy projects worldwide with our expertise and international network. With high-quality wind turbines, high-yield quality solar parks, as well as productive biogas plants and hydropower plants, we want to make a decisive contribution to reversing climate change and securing a sustainable power supply worldwide. We ensure the use of quality products which meet the highest european standards and are equipped with the relevant certificates. Long-term guarantees of the manufacturers are also an important criterion in the selection as well as the sustainability.
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Selected projects

A glance at our Portfolio
Solarpark – Germany
756 KW
The Bavarian solar park provides a performance, at full capacity, of 756 KW. This corresponds to a CO2 reduction of approximately 468 tons per year. In the process, 18,600 thin-film modules of the Kaneka Company were installed.
Wind power plant – Italy
12 MW
Our company took over various management functions of this wind park project as well as the management and steering of important implementation areas.
Hydro power station
641 KW + 1,783 KW
Savonera & Gabriella Italy
641 KW + 1,783 KW /
4,580 MWh + 6,670 MWh/ annum.
In this project we matched the seller with suitable investors, and supported them in the transaction.
Biogas plant – Germany
project phase
Currently, several projects are being examined,processed and propounded to appropriate investors by us.

Inernational Project


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